Why RV Camping?

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the Smoky Mountains, the pine forest or a coastal retreat, when you’re traveling in an RV you are traveling in comfort. You don’t have to worry about the discomfort of the hard ground, sleeping in a tent. You don’t have to worry about a cooking burner when you have a cooking range inside, and keep those camp fires for beautiful nights, instead of trying to keep warm on a rainy evening.

Lock it up
If you’re going day-hiking and you don’t want to bring everything with you, just lock it up! When you travel in an RV you have the security of keeping the belongings you don’t want with you in the storage compartments. That’s right, no need to lug around 80 pounds of weekend gear. You can jet about with a backpack and just a few things you need for the day.

Staying Clean
Staying clean isn’t a matter of finding the closest river, lake or public shower anymore. You can keep the environment clean by showering after a long day in the sun inside your RV. Brushing your teeth and cleaning up is about the best feeling after a day outdoors and warming up next to a camp fire without dirt under your nails is a relaxing way to get ready for bed.

Enjoying Nature
You can show your family why it is that you love nature so much. How? By spending time together! The family can get involved with nature by bird-watching, hiking, fishing, biking or just enjoying the beautiful scenery. It’s true that when a family spends time in nature, they not only learn to love nature, but they also learn a lot about themselves. Many treasured memories are made around a campfire.

National and state parks are wonderful places to visit in an RV. They usually have campgrounds and plenty to do. An RV vacation is a chance to see natural wonders and historic places. In an RV it’s easy to pull over for snack or lunch time even if there are no restaurants in sight. An RV is a fantastic way to tour the country — without having to unpack seven suitcases at each hotel.

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