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A message from Paw Paw:

"Fifty years of automotive excellence"...that says a lot.  Fifty years of anything is a lot but fifty years of selling "deals on wheels" is a lifetime.  Lots of ups and downs but thru it all, somehow you persevere.  When you look back, you wonder how you made it but you have to have a good team to help you.  We are blessed with some great employees that have been here twenty years or more and dedicated to make Paw Paw's the best it can be.

We have to have customers that trust us.  They don't just give anybody their money.  We have to produce and try to exceed their expectations.  We want to create "Customers for Life".  We know if the customer is pleased with our sales and service, then why go anywhere else?

Thanks to all of Paw Paw's employees and to every customer that comes thru our doors.  We could not have done it without you!

                                                            Thanks again,

                                                            Paw Paw


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