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A message from Paw Paw:

Our 50 Year Celebration and Sale was great.  I thought everybody's attitude was good and selling a lot of campers was really fun!

There were a few surprises for me.  Donna planned a program and I had do idea what she had in mind.  It turned out really good though.  Thanks to every employee for your participation and everybody's remarks was very touching to me.  I just had no idea that 50 years would get here so fast!

We continue to improve our service department.  We have some new employees and everybody seems to be trying to make our service the best it can be.  No one knows how hard it is to repair RV's and please every customer until you try it.  It's the most challenging part of this business but we are determined to be the best. 

Thanks for a great month in March...let's make April even better!

                                                     Paw Paw

RV Service Tip:

Roof Repair - Spot Sealing

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